Maybelline Great Lash “Lots of Lashes” Mascara Review

Okay, so this blog is just going to be a cluster fuck of different things. Reviews, rants, articles, etc. Well guess what? This is a review. If you read the title above then you know I am reviewing the Maybelline Great Lash “Lots of Lashes” mascara. I only just got this yesterday but I have worn it twice since then.


First of all, the price was like 4.37 or something. I don’t know, the price ranges from where you buy it. Then you look at the packaging and there is the actual bottle of mascara with a cap on it (not the cap with the wand in it) and next to it is the cap that has the funny wand on it.

ImageOut of all mascaras, I really prefer combs over brushes just because brushes don’t really separate as well as combs do and then a clump ends up on my outer lashes. This comb was actually smaller than most mascara combs I have used so it was a little difficult to maneuver at first but once I got the hang of it, it applied really nicely.  I think that it really did separate my lashes and make them look longer without having to curl them. The formula is nice and the comb was nice.

I was really skeptical to buy this because I’m kind of a waste not want not kind of person. If I don’t like a mascara then it’s just like “Too bad, use it till it’s gone.”. I guess I’m sort of a stickler about my beauty products. I usually research about products I want first before I buy them. I read reviews, watch videos, blah blah blah so I buy something good and I’m not stuck with a horrible product. There were mixed reviews on this but over all I think it is really good for it’s price.




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